Monday, October 24, 2016

Are You a Successful Professional Boxer?

There are lots of boxers out there but how many of them are really at the top of the sport? Saturday Night Boxing has the answers. Fighters, how do you fare?

1. When was the last time you fought three times in a year?

a. 2016
b. 2015
c. 2014
d. 2013
e. 4th grade

2. After winning a fight, you thank _______.

a. Your family
b. Your fans
c. Al Haymon
d. The judges 

3. Your most memorable fight almost sold out _______.

a. Madison Square Garden
b. The Manchester Arena
c. The StubHub Center
d. The Buffalo Run Casino

4. Your favorite part about being a successful fighter is _______.

a. Being acknowledged in the sport by fans and the media
b. Providing for your family
c. Getting free tickets to fights
d. The verified blue check mark on your Twitter account 

5. How many sparring partners did you claim to send home this year because of your ferocious power?

a. 0
b. 1-2
c. 3-5
d. Half the male population of Guadalajara

6.  Yesterday, you were _______.

a. At the gym
b. Doing road work
c. At the strip club
d. In court
e. Still on ice

7. How many times have you avoided fighting Gennady Golovkin in your career?

a. 0
b. 1-4
c. 5-8

8. Has Max Kellerman ever compared you to ________?

a. Roberto Duran
b. Muhammad Ali
c. Sugar Ray Robinson
d. Zeus

9. How many of the Smith brothers have you beaten?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2

10. You use social media to  ______.

a. Build your fan base
b. Call out other fighters
c. Provide official announcements
d. Intimidate Mike Coppinger

11. Which member of your team do you pay the most?
a. Manager
b. Trainer
c. Accountant
d. Lawyer

12. When interacting with the public, do you get asked for ______?

a. Your autograph
b. A picture
c. Free tickets
d. Another gin and tonic

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