Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hoping for the New Pavlik

Kelly Pavlik is due to make his return from alcohol rehabiliation treatment in the spring.  Although he has a big name and had some memorable victories (Jermain Taylor and Edison Miranda), he clearly stagnated as a fighter.  Having seen Pavlik live on a number of occasions and on TV on many others, it is clear that Kelly needs to add to his arsenal.  He is still is a two-punch fighter -- jab and right hand.  He is off balance when he throws his left hook and he actually jumps in when he throws a left uppercut.  I have yet to see a right uppercut  He also is still a straight-line come forward fighter that can really only fight in that one style.  If Kelly is serious about his career, he must need a new trainer.  Jack Loew has taught him many things -- how to be an agressive, offensive fighter, how to dominate with a good jab and how to finish.  These are not insignificant elements.  But at the top levels, Kelly must do more.  If he doesn't change his team, he will never be elite.

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