Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cloudy Future for Cloud?

I'm very excited to read that Hopkins-Pascal II is going to be happening immediately.  However, I think it would be much more interesting if Chad Dawson were to fight Tavoris Cloud than the proposed fights of Diaconu or Andrade.  I understand that we can only hope for so much.  Ultimately, Dawson needs some work with Emmanuel Steward.  Andrade would be the perfect fight in that context in that he's a one-dimensional pressure fighter that doesn't have the offensive arsenal to give Dawson too much to worry about in terms of defense.  Dawson could fight (and win!) against guys like that in his sleep.   I'm looking to see more instances where Dawson stays in the pocket and sits down on his punches.  Andrade won't be too hard to find.  However, something that Steward cannot teach is a killer instinct.  Dawson, like Paul Williams and Devon Alexander, is not a finisher.  He is content to win rounds.  It is that area that will ultimately preclude Dawson from joining the upper echelon of fighters.

Poor Tavoris!  For my money he is the most exciting fighter in the division.  I'm not sure any top-10 guy really wants to fight him.  He already has the title belt yet you don't see guys calling him out on the boxing web sites.  Hopkins cited Pascal, Dawson and Bute as his final three dream fights.  Dawson has already avoided Cloud.  Unfortunately for Tavoris, Don King doesn't really have anyone of worth to fight him in the neighboring weight clsses.  This is going to be tough going for Cloud.  I'm not sure I would pick any current 175 pounder to beat him. 

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