Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Facebook Boxing Group

I have created a new boxing group on Facebook – SN Boxing (here's the link). For those of you who were on the old Saturday Night Boxing Facebook forum, the new group will have some similarities as well as a few different features. SN Boxing will of course be a place to discuss boxing and have some fun conversation. The group setting (as opposed to a page) will make it easier to facilitate discussions and have your posts read. I'm not sure if I will post as frequently as I did on the old page but we'll see how it goes.
As far as goals for the new group, I'm less interested in the overall number of people who join than the quality of conversation. There won't be any advertising for the group; I just want it to be active and enjoyable. And frankly, with the changes in how people interact with Facebook, I'm not sure that I could ever hope to attain the previous level of participation that I did with the old forum. In 2015, people use Facebook differently than they did in 2011. Most of you now read Facebook content primarily on your mobile device; in 2011, it was just a fraction of users who did that. Anecdotally, it also seems that people use Facebook far less or at least in a more dispersed manner than they did a few years ago. Nevertheless, Facebook still provides a great forum for voicing opinions, attaching links, posting pictures, starting discussions and interacting.
For those who are interested, it appears that Facebook removed the old Saturday Night Boxing page. I'm not sure why. I contacted the company dozens of times and only received a form letter back. Obviously, it was a huge blow to me personally in that I had spent a considerable amount of time and financial resources to grow the page. I think at 78,000 strong, it was the largest boxing forum on Facebook. After it was taken down, I wasn't sure if I wanted to press on in that format.
In the interim, I was touched by how many of you contacted me. Wanting to know what happened to the page and giving me encouragement, you definitely helped lift my spirits. As the weeks dragged on, I really missed the banter and shooting the shit with some knowledgeable and passionate boxing fans – thus it was time to get back to it.
So I hope you will give the new group a chance and definitely feel free to invite your boxing friends to join in the fun. You are a big part of the reason why this is so enjoyable for me. As always, you can also find me on Twitter at @snboxing and my writing at Finally, thanks for the continued support over the years.
Now, let's talk about the fights.

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