Monday, July 8, 2013

Boxinghead Battle - Final First Half Standings

The first half season of the 2013 Boxinghead Battle has finished and eight contestants have qualified for the playoffs at the end of the year. Congratulations to Lucy Hegarty, the only female participant, who won the first half of Battle. For the playoffs, she will start with a bonus point. The other seven who qualified for the playoffs were Christopher Coreschi, Boxing Advocate, Paul Rawson, Dan Rafael (ESPN), Scott Christ (Bad Left Hook), Matthew Mojica and Sledskillz.

The second half of the season begins on July 27th with the Andre Berto-Jesus Soto Karass fight. The second half runs through November and all contestants restart at 0. Remember, the Boxinghead Battle is open to all during the first four rounds of the second half. After those four rounds, no additional contestants will be allowed. For more information about how to participate in the Boxinghead Battle, click here

Below are the complete scores from the first half. Those who made the playoffs are in bold.

Abramowitz, Adam (saturday night boxing) +8
Anjuum, Mohammad 0
Barry, Alex (boxing seed) +10
Boxing 101 +1
Boxing Advocate +15
Bivins, Ryan (bad left hook) +3
Browning, Ryan +2
Campbell, Brian (espn) +10
Christ, Scott (bad left hook) +13
Coppinger, Mike (ring) +4
Coreschi, Christopher +17
Craze, Tom (bad left hook) +10
Daniel +7
Dre +4
Enriquez, Hernan +2
Ferguson, Billy (fighthype) +11
Fischer, Douglass (ring) +7
Foley, James (bad left hook) +6
Frauenheim, Norm (15 rounds) +7
Freeburn, Shannon -1
Freeman, Jeff (KO Digest) +2
Fruman, Andrew (bad left hook) 1
Garcia, Julio +1
Greisman, David (boxing scene) 0
Groves, Lee (the ring) +4
Grozev, Radoslav +2
Guryashkin, Igor (espn) +4
Halford, Adrian +2
Hamad +0
Haro, Frank -1
Hegarty, Lucy +19
Jrosales 0
Kitchen, Kory (bad left hook) +4
Levine, Adam -2
Marotta, Rich +5
Maquinana, Ryan (boxing scene) +2
McCarson, Kelsey (the sweet science) +7
Mojica, Matthew +13
Mulcahey, Marty +2
Oakes, Dave (bad left hook) +6
Obermayer, Jack (fight fax) 0
Odessa, Joey (MMA odds) +1
Ortega, Mark (ring) +6
Pawel +5
Poplawski, Ray +9
Rafael, Dan (espn) +13
Rawson, Paul +15
Richardson, Matt (fight news) +3
Robinson, Chris (boxing scene) +8
Rold, Cliff (boxing scene) +9
Rosenthal, Michael (ring) +3
Salazar, Victor (boxing voice) +11
Santoloquito, Joe (ring) +8
Sher, Laurence +4
Sledskillz +12
Songalia, Ryan (ring) +2
Starks, Tim (tqbr) +2
SwishZ 0
Talbott, Steven +9
The Title Fight +4
Two Piece Boxing +9
Uddin, Riaz +1
Uriarte, Jorge 0
Velasco, Darren +1
Velin, Bob (USA Today) +3
Weiler, Matt -1

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