Monday, October 29, 2012

Boxinghead Battle Update

I have started a prediction game featuring many of the boxing experts in the United States and a few sprinkled in from around the world. I call it the Boxinghead Battle. Predictions will be tabulated throughout the year for major fights.

The rules are as follows: One point (+1) for correctly picking the winning fighter, minus one point (-1) for selecting the losing fighter and five points (+5) for correctly picking a draw. If someone correctly predicts a no-contest, they win ten points (+10) but no points will be deducted for a fight that is declared a no-contest.

Below you will see the current standings of the Battle. Each expert is identified along with his publication. Some names are prominent boxing figures on Twitter and do not have an official affiliation.  There are also other boxing enthusiasts as part of the Battle.  Contestants who haven't remained active have been removed. The current leader is James Foley of Bad Left Hook (+9). Matthew Mojica (-2) is the trailer.

Check for updates to the Boxinghead Battle. There will be a dedicated page on the upper right hand side of the website.

Update as of October 29th:

Abramowitz, Adam (saturday night boxing) +5
Abramson, Mitch (new york daily news) +1
Albia, Corey +2
Anjuum, Mohammad 0
Barry, Alex (boxing seed) +7
B-Mitch +1
Boxing 101 +1
Boxing Mouth +2
Bivins, Ryan (sweetboxing) +3
Black Dynamite -1
Burton, Ryan (boxing lab) -1
Campbell, Brian (espn) +5
Carp, Steve (las vegas review journal) +3
Christ, Scott (bad left hook) +1
Conner, Patrick (tqbr) +5
Conye, Danny +4
Coppinger, Mike (ring) +2
David, Jose 0
Donovan, Jake (boxing scene) +2
Erdman, Corey (ring) +1
Fake Larry Merchant +2
Ferguson, Billy (fighthype) +7
Ferlisi, Emile +1
Fischer, Douglass (ring) +8
Fitzsimmons, Lyle (boxing scene) 0
Foley, James (Bad Left Hook) +9
Frauenheim, Norm (15 rounds) +4
Freeburn, Shannon +4
Fruman, Andrew (bad left hook) +1
Gaibon, Ernest (boxing lab) -1
Idec, Keith (boxing scene) +4
Iole, Kevin (yahoo) +1
Jones, Vince Parker +1
Lampin, David +1
Linus 0
Lito (boxingheads) +1
Mannix, Chris (sports illustrated) +2
Maquinana, Ryan (boxing scene) +5
McCarson, Kelsey (the sweet science) -1
McDonald, John (the boxing voice) +1
Mojica, Matthew -2
Montoya, Gabe (maxboxing) -1
Morilla, Diego +2
Mulcahey, Marty (maxboxing) +8
Mulvaney, Kieran (espn) + 1
Noodles 36 +1
Olson, Hans (boxing insider) +7
Ortega, Mark (tqbr) +8
Pawel +4
Pina, Aris (Punch Zone Aris) -1
Poplawski, Ray +1
Punch to the Face +1
Rafael, Dan (espn) +8
Raskin, Eric (grantland) +1
Ring King 0
Robinson, Chris (boxing scene) +4
Rodriguez, Alex +5
Rold, Cliff (boxing scene) +8
Rosado, Michelle +3
Rosenthal, Michael (ring) +5
Salazar, Victor (boxing voice Vic) +4
Sandoval, Luis (boxing lab) +2
Santoloquito, Joe (ring) +2
Sledskillz +3
Smith, Sarren -1
Songalia, Ryan (ring) +2
Starks, Tim (tqbr) +5
Title Fight 0
Two Piece Boxing +5
Velasco, Darren +3
Velin, Bob (USA Today) +6
Wally (Urban Sports Scene) +1
Wainwright, Anson (maxboxing) 0
Woods, Michael (espn) +2
Wylie, Lee (the sweet science) +4

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