Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boxinghead Battle

I have started a prediction game featuring many of the boxing experts in the United States and a few sprinkled in from around the world. I call it the Boxinghead Battle. Predictions will be tabulated throughout the year for major fights.

The rules are as follows: One point (+1) for correctly picking the winning fighter, minus one point (-1) for picking the losing fighter and five points (+5) for correctly picking a draw. No points are awarded for fights that are declared a "No Contest."

Below you will see the current standings through the first three fights of the Battle (Pacquiao-Bradley, Chavez-Lee and Adamek-Chambers). Each expert is identified along with his publication. Some names are prominent boxing figures on Twitter and do not have an affiliation. I will provide periodic updates as the year progresses. The current leaders are in bold; they are Scott Kraus, Mark Ortega, Joel Stern and Two Piece Boxing. 

Check for updates to the Boxinghead Battle. There will be a dedicated page on the upper right hand side of the website. 

Update as of June 23:

Abramowitz, Adam (saturday night boxing) -1
Barry, Bart (15 Rounds) 1
Bivins, Ryan (sweetboxing) -1
Burton, Ryan (boxing lab) -1
Campbell, Brian (espn) 1
Christ, Scott (bad left hook) -2
Conner, Patrick (tqbr) -1
Coppinger, Mike (ring) -1
Donovan, Jake (boxing scene) 1
Fake Larry Merchant 1
Ferguson, Billy (fighthype) 1
Fight Score Collector -1
Fischer, Douglass (ring) 1
Fitzsimmons, Lyle (boxing scene) 1
Foley, James (tqbr) -1
Gaibon, Ernest (boxing lab) -1
Greisman, David (boxing scene) -1
Groves, Lee (ring) -1
Idec, Keith (boxing scene) -1
Iole, Kevin (yahoo) -1
JE boxing -1
Linus -1
Lito (boxingheads) -1
Kraus, Scott (tqbr) 3
Mannix, Chris (sports illustrated) -1
Maquinana, Ryan (boxing scene) -1
McCarson, Kelsey (the sweet science) -3
Mojica, Matthew -2
Montoya, Gabe (maxboxing) -1
Mulcahey, Marty (maxboxing) 1
Nagesh, Gautham 0
Olson, Hans (boxing insider) 2
Ortega, Mark (tqbr) 3
Poplawski, Ray -3
Pryor, Jeff (tqbr) 0
Rafael, Dan (espn) 2
Raskin, Eric (grantland) 1
Robinson, Chris (boxing scene) -1
Rold, Cliff (boxing scene) -1
Rosenthal, Michael (ring) -1
Sandoval, Luis (boxing lab) 1
Santoloquito, Joe (ring) -1
Starks, Tim (tqbr) 1
Stern, Joel 3
Two Piece Boxing 3
Velin, Bob (USA Today) -1
Wainwright, Anson (maxboxing) 0
Woods, Michael (espn) -1
Wylie, Lee (the sweet science) 2

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