Friday, February 10, 2012

One Year In

Saturday Night Boxing had its first anniversary this week and I wanted to start by saying thank you. I realize that in today's world there are so many ways to consume information. There are tons of choices out there and I am very happy that you’ve found and supported Saturday Night Boxing.

In my wildest dreams, I didn't think that a year into this venture I would have over 27,000 fans on a Facebook page, especially since I was just some anonymous writer without any type of established pedigree. What's amazing to me about the 27,000 is the diversity. Less than 20% of Saturday Night Boxing's Facebook fans and less than 30% of the blog's readership are from America.

One of my prime tenets when I started SNB was the belief that boxing was global. In the U.S., there is a popular view (misplaced as it is) that the sport is struggling. I could argue that point all day and night but irrespective of my personal feelings about the health of American boxing, I knew that the sport was thriving in many areas around the world. Sure, I knew that boxing was doing well in Germany and Philippines, but I had no idea how many boxing fans there were in Serbia, Romania, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia and other areas. This has been one of my favorite discoveries over the last year.

I hope that you enjoy the content associated with Saturday Night Boxing. It's my goal to give you unique perspectives about many of the popular fighters of the sport, to provide a level of analysis about the major fights that is often lacking with other boxing outlets and to make sure that my writing is technical and specific, while being approachable for boxing fans of all ages.

I can't sit here and tell you that Saturday Night Boxing will be the exact same a year from now. I hope it won't be. I know that since I started I have added preview pieces and interviews to the mix. Evolution is good. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I will strive to provide a unique voice in the boxing community. This is often easier said than done, but it's what I shoot for.

Many of you have come to Saturday Night Boxing from different channels. SNB has a presence in three formats. There is the blog,, where all of my articles are posted and archived. On the blog, there are also polls, the SNB Rankings and other boxing-related content. There is also the Facebook page, Here, as in the blog and on Twitter, all new SNB articles will be posted, but the Facebook page is really the heart and soul of SNB. It's the place where we talk about the big boxing events of the day as well as a potpourri of boxing-related topics. It's also where you can contribute your thoughts and opinions; I'm grateful that so many of you have done so. Finally, there is Twitter: @snboxing, where I post live round-by-round analyses during fight cards, spar with other boxing writers (just kidding, we all love each other – sort of) and provide some pithy (I hope) thoughts about the world of boxing. I encourage your feedback on the Twitter and Facebook pages. It's one biggest kicks that I get.

I've been overwhelmed by your support and the levels of interaction. I've received amateur training videos from you, your boxing writing, article suggestions and constructive comments about the direction of SNB. My lines of communication are always open. Please contact me with your thoughts, criticisms ideas and comments at

I would like to thank a few SNB fans in particular who have really contributed to make this a great interactive place for boxing fans. I'll start from the east and work west: from the Philippines, Mhel Trilles and Richhard Dizon David; from the United Arab Emirates, Andy Bailey; from South Africa, Laurence Sher and Neels Burger; from Romania, Shaun Hall, from England, Ali Doqua and Luke Carter; from Scotland, Arran McLachlan and Billy Ferguson; from Ireland; Cormac Hartery; from Panama, Diana Heres; from Canada, Mike Jobin and Alex Barry; and from the United States, Carl Christian, Navid Javan, Dillon Barr, Daniel Reed, River Aaland, Laurie Burcaw, Miguel Jimenez, Paul Frolio-O'Neil, Scott Sauder and Gerald Landeros.

In addition, I would like to thank the following boxing writers for their encouragement and support. If you are unfamiliar with their work, you should check them out: Brian Campbell, Jake Donovan, David Greisman, Tim Starks, Mark Ortega, Leroy Cleveland and Eric Raskin.

Finally, Chris and Pete Lukach must be thanked for their early support, or maybe they just got tired of listening to me as we watched fights together. Also, Aja Bramz and Sarah B., thank you for all that you have done.

Adam Abramowitz
February, 10 2012

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