Monday, July 25, 2011

July Rankings Movement (Khan, Huck, Haye)

July saw a flurry of activity in the SNB rankings.  We now have a new member of the SNB Elite Fighters club.  Additionally, a German cruiserweight makes his SNB rankings debut.  On the negative side of the ledger, a prominent heavyweight falls off the rankings with an uncompetitive loss.  Also, a rising English lightweight loses his position, perhaps one fight before a title shot.  

Elevated:  Amir Khan  With his win over Zab Judah in a junior welterweight unification fight, Khan joins the SNB Elite Fighters list, becoming the 12th member of the club.  On a pound-for-pound basis, he may still rank below the other elites, but Khan, not yet 25, will have numerous opportunities over the next 18 months to make his case that he is among the best in the sport.

Elevated:  Marco Huck  As a precocious 23-year-old, Huck lost a title shot to Steve Cunningham in 2007.  Since that defeat, Huck has rolled off 14 straight wins.  He picked up the WBO cruiserweight belt in 2009 and has made seven title defenses.  Huck's streak includes impressive victories over Hugo Garay, Denis Lebedev and Ola Afolabi.  Huck joins the "10 Boxers on the Rise" list.  

Demoted:  David Haye  Earlier this month, Haye lost a wide decision to Wladimir Klitschko, and didn't acquit himself well in defeat.  With all of his brash talk leading up to the fight, Haye failed to meet expectations with his rather docile performance.  He exits the "10 Boxers on the Rise" list.

Demoted:  John Murray  Instead of pursuing a potential title shot, Murray decided to face a domestic English rival, Kevin Mitchell.  They rewarded boxing fans with a spectacular fight.  Mitchell's power proved to be too much for Murray, who didn't make it to the 9th round.  Murray falls off the "Bubbling Under" list. 

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